How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

It’s a common scenario that people feel sharp pain in their teeth right after having a sip of their favorite drink. It may be due to the hotness or coldness of drink but one major culprit here is the tooth sensitivity.
Things that commonly cause teeth sensitivity mainly involve receding gums, tooth decay, teeth whitening and genetics. Nevertheless, there are some great solutions that can help you get relief from and prevent the sensitivity pain.
Use special toothpaste Since brushing habit is one of the most important things to take into consideration when it comes to oral health, role of toothpaste regarding tooth sensitivity can never be overlooked. Therefore, the use of toothpaste specifically made for sensitive teeth is a general recommendation. The active ingredient that makes toothpaste a specific one for sensitive teeth is potassium nitrate. So, look for this ingredient every time you purchase toothpaste from new brand. For even better desensitizing of your teeth, make sure that…