How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

It’s a common scenario that people feel sharp pain in their teeth right after having a sip of their favorite drink. It may be due to the hotness or coldness of drink but one major culprit here is the tooth sensitivity.

Things that commonly cause teeth sensitivity mainly involve receding gums, tooth decay, teeth whitening and genetics. Nevertheless, there are some great solutions that can help you get relief from and prevent the sensitivity pain.

Use special toothpaste
Since brushing habit is one of the most important things to take into consideration when it comes to oral health, role of toothpaste regarding tooth sensitivity can never be overlooked. Therefore, the use of toothpaste specifically made for sensitive teeth is a general recommendation. The active ingredient that makes toothpaste a specific one for sensitive teeth is potassium nitrate. So, look for this ingredient every time you purchase toothpaste from new brand. For even better desensitizing of your teeth, make sure that the toothpaste you are using also contains stannous fluoride.

Pay attention to the toothbrush and your brushing habits

The toothbrush you use and the way you brush have much to do with the tooth sensitivity. Therefore, you need to make sure that your brushing habits are not resulting in increased tooth sensitivity. The toothbrush you use should have softer bristles. Hard bristles and aggressive brushing can cause your gums to recede, exposing the sensitive part of your teeth. Moreover, wrong brushing can also cause the tooth enable to wear out. This wearing out can expose the porous side of your teeth.

Be careful about the foods you eat

Acidic foods can increase the tooth sensitivity because acid in these foods reacts with the tooth enamel to dissolve it away. It is understandable that avoiding acidic foods like citrus fruits and a cup of coffee in the morning may be pretty difficult, but the least you can you is to limit the consumption of these foods. When you drink the juice of citrus fruits, made sure to use the straw in order to avoid beverage’s contact with the teeth. Another technique is to drink a glass of milk after the consumption of acidic foods. That will help in neutralizing the acidic reaction at both the teeth and the stomach.

Use mouth guard
Many people have the habit of grinding their teeth at night, and they cannot do much to avoid doing such because they do it while sleeping. Grinding of teeth quickly eats away the enamel of teeth, causing process of teeth destruction to continue at pace. Therefore, you can use mouth guard to avoid the teeth grinding.

However, if you grind your teeth due to headache or jaw pain, you can get these symptoms treated for good.

Dental visit
Perhaps the best thing that you can do to avoid sensitivity pain in your teeth is to visit your dentist. A dental visit twice a year can help you avoid all kinds of dental problems quite conveniently.